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We Have Moved!

We have now relocated our office to our new facility at 30 Apprentice Drive, Berkeley Vale, NSW.

At this location, we have built a new office where our administration and engineering staff will be based. The facility also has a 6,000m2 workshop including:

  • Overhead cranes: 2 X 100t and 3 X 10t
  • Gritblasting chamber
  • Balancing machines to 60 tonne capacity
  • Machining and Fabrication facilities

We are still putting the finished touches on the building and fitting out the workshop, but welcome inquiries or inspection of the new facility.

Loy Yang Condenser Replacement

Duration: Oct 2018 ~ Nov 2018
Location : Loy Yang A Power Station
Type : Main Condenser
Scope :  Titanium Modules Retrofit

Loy Yang A Power Station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley required replacement of the Main Condenser tubing due to life expiry. PPI worked with Thermal Engineering International (TEi) for the design and supply of replacement Titanium condenser modules to execute this project.

Module Withdrawal

PPI’s direct scope of work required us to design and supply handling equipment for the new and old modules, weighing up to 80 tonnes each, and to carry out the module replacement works during a 4-week period on site.

The project was successfully executed and the replacement modules successfully passed the Performance Guarantee tests.

A Famous Victory

PPI’s HSE Manager, Guy Lawrence, played a brilliant game of Yut during the annual office Christmas party, resulting in him winning the grand prize.

Lorro’s starring role (in assisting his team to lose the game in a comprehensive fashion) was acknowledged by all present as worthy of the award. He professed his excitement in looking forward to a battle of wits with his new Smart TV!

Eraring Cooling Water Pumps

Duration: Jan 1998 ~ Current
Location : Eraring Power Station
Type : Pumps
Scope :  Major Overhauls and Maintenance

The Cooling Water pumps at Eraring Power Station are critical infrastructure for this power plant, with the six pumps collectively providing the cooling water to all four turbo-generators. Each of these 75 tonne pumps is driven by a 5,700kW Electric Motor weighing 50 tonnes.

p1010037The pumps run in seawater, and require regular maintenance. The are completely overhauled on a routine basis usually one per year. PPI has been performing this work since 1998.

A major pump overhaul consists of removing the high-voltage motor, then withdrawing the pump from the pump pit and installing in a special maintenance cradle. After disassembly of the rotating element, required inspections of bearings, impeller and casing are  carried out. After repair, the pump is reassembled, reinstalled and commissioned.

20151128_085950Our period as service providers for this work has included numerous pump overhauls, as well as meeting the challenges thrown up by urgent breakdown repairs of these monster pumps.

Bayswater Turbine-Generator Overhauls

Duration: 1999~ 2014
Location : Bayswater Power Station
Type : Steam Turbine and Generator
Scope :  Major Overhaul and Minor Overhauls

dsc05521Bayswater Power Station, located between Singleton and Muswellbrook in the NSW Hunter Valley, has 4 X 660MW Units. PPI and KPS peformed all overhaul and maintenance works on these units for period of 14 years from 1999. This contract was the first time a major utility had awarded a contract for turbine-generator works to a non-OEM.

During this period we have performed numerous overhauls, including:

  • Disassembly, repair and reassembly of HP, IP and LP cylinders.
  • Mechanical governor disassembly and repair.
  • Generator inspections and rotor removals.
  • Steam Feed Pump turbine and pump overhauls.
  • Generator stator winding leak diagnosis and repair.
  • On-site overhaul of main stop valves, throttle valves and combined reheat valves.
  • Overhaul of main valve hydraulic actuators and associated control mechanism.

For this project, PPI worked with our partner KPS to provide the site labour force and technical oversight of the project.

Shell TA3 Overhaul

Duration: Dec 2012 ~ Jan 2013
Location : Shell Clyde Refinery
Type : Steam Turbine
Scope :  Major Overhaul

Shell Australia’s Clyde Refinery in Sydney has a number of steam turbine sets to provide process steam and power for the refinery. Turbo-Alternator #3 (5MW) required overhaul and repair to enable it to be returned to service after an extended period of storage.

p1000247-largeOur scope of work was to dismantle and inspect the turbine, main valves and governor. We then carried out necessary repairs and reassembly of the set.

The overhaul and repair works were completed on schedule, however during return to service a major HV electrical fault developed with the generator transformer and the unit return to service was abandoned after a decision to close the refinery was announced.

Bendeela Hydro

Duration: Jun 2007 ~ Nov 2007
Location : Bendeela Power Station
Type : Hydro Turbine
Scope :  Major Overhaul

Bendeela Power Station is part of the Shoalhaven Scheme in the Illawarra district of NSW, a pumped storage hydro-electric scheme. Unit 2 at Bendeela Power Station required a major overhaul.

bendeelaPPI was awarded this contract after another supplier had failed to provide an acceptable level of service on an earlier overhaul of Unit 1.

The scope of work included dismantling, inspection, repair and reassembly of the pump/turbine, supply and installation of various items of ancillary equipment and generator bearing inspections. Significant on-site machining repairs were required to major components, along with a substantial amount of corrosion repair.
For this project, PPI worked with our partner KPS to provide the site labour force and technical oversight of the works.

The overhaul was completed successfully and returned to service., and the unit met the performance guarantee requirements of the specification.

Pelican Point GT Overhaul

Duration: Aug 2011 ~ Oct 2011
Location : Pelican Point Power Station
Type : Gas Turbine and Generator
Scope :  Major Overhaul and Upgrade

Turbine Rotor LiftPelican Point Power Station, located near Adelaide, requested the overhaul of unit GT11 to occur during September 2011. This unit is an Alstom 13E2 gas turbine of 160MW capacity.
The scope of work was to perform a major (“C”) inspection of the unit, and also to perform a “MXL” upgrade involving partial re-blade of the turbine. The generator also had a major inspection including removal of retaining rings.

dscn0480For this project, PPI worked with our partner KPS to provide the site labour force for the overhaul. Alstom (as OEM) was also present on site during the overhaul in a technical supervision role.

This was the first time a non-OEM company was involved in he overhaul of on of these units.

The overhaul was completed on schedule and successfully returned to service.

Safety Prizes At Eraring

As a major contractor to Origin Energy Eraring for the recent Unit 4 Outage and Station Outage, PPI demonstrated commitment to the “One Team” philosophy by awarding prizes for safety performance open to employees of all companies involved in the outages.

Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Stuart Kipp (PPI) – awarded for consistent good management of a confined space work area and activities, and regular suggestions for improvements.
  • Darren Stashinsky and Darragh Lynch (SNK) – awarded for good planning, communication, setup and execution of hot works in the midst of extremely high pedestrian and vehicular traffic area of 2 other contractor companies.
  • Jackson McLean (Mightylagg)  – awarded for stopping work in a confined space and initiating improved communication. This initiative also led to identifying and avoiding a significant problem later (unforeseen at the time).
  • Roger Capararo (PPI) – awarded for consistent high quality On Job Risk Assessments relating to mobile crane work under challenging and continuously changing circumstances.

Great Client Feedback

We like feedback! We believe our clients recognise and value when our employees go that extra mile in assisting clients to achieve their business outcomes. A few recent examples:

Thanks for arranging the people to come in for the weld repair on the 3B Throttle valve. This service certainly throws PPI in a good light …

September 2016

Thank you for you and your staff’s attitude and assistance in safely and successfully preparing for and then moving the IP rotor on Saturday. Would you please pass on these thanks to your staff, who worked with you and our Origin staff and the other contractors on Saturday.

May 2016

Great work, thank you both for the thorough work and good result.

March 2016