Eraring Cooling Water Pumps

Duration: Jan 1998 ~ Current
Location : Eraring Power Station
Type : Pumps
Scope :  Major Overhauls and Maintenance

The Cooling Water pumps at Eraring Power Station are critical infrastructure for this power plant, with the six pumps collectively providing the cooling water to all four turbo-generators. Each of these 75 tonne pumps is driven by a 5,700kW Electric Motor weighing 50 tonnes.

p1010037The pumps run in seawater, and require regular maintenance. The are completely overhauled on a routine basis usually one per year. PPI has been performing this work since 1998.

A major pump overhaul consists of removing the high-voltage motor, then withdrawing the pump from the pump pit and installing in a special maintenance cradle. After disassembly of the rotating element, required inspections of bearings, impeller and casing are  carried out. After repair, the pump is reassembled, reinstalled and commissioned.

20151128_085950Our period as service providers for this work has included numerous pump overhauls, as well as meeting the challenges thrown up by urgent breakdown repairs of these monster pumps.